6th March 2013 Countries That Cry; Countries That Don't Cry
Riffing on a certain well known theme song from a mid 1970's musical; which countries cry for me and which don't? Also featuring a conspicuous lack of anything that looks Mercator-ish.

27th February 2013 The Great British Map What's the difference between Great Britain, the United Kingdom and the British Isles. If the United Kingdom is a country, is England a country? Is the Isle of Man part of the United Kingdom? This map helps to answer these and other questions about the geography of the world's 9th. largest island.

6th February 2013 Vaguely Rude Places Names Of The World
A by no means complete map of places names that sound vaguely rude in English and which subsequently went viral. Featured in Laughing Squid, The Independent, Huffington Post, The Daily Telegraph, The Sidney Morning Herald and NBC News amongst others. There's also a blog post.